Canada extends travel restrictions till August 31, amidst higher levels of COVID-19

July 31st, 2020

Canada extends travel restrictions for one more month i.e. until August 31. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made International travel difficult for most foreign travelers.

COVID-19 numbers have not taken a rest since its onset in March for most parts of the world. The majority of nations have still not approved for international travel and keeping the same view, Canada has also extended the travel restrictions for one more month i.e. until August 31. Prior to this, the restriction were in place until July 31, 2020 only.

Continuing the trend, this is the third travel extension till now after the first extension applied in May and then again in the month of June.

Eversince Canada experienced a surge in COVID-19 cases in April, there has been a downward trending slope in the number of cases. It has all been possible because of the strict measures taken by Canada, like social distancing and international travel bans.

As per IRCC, the following categories of travellers can enter Canada

Ø Eligible International students

Ø Permanent residents of Canada

Ø Canadian citizens

Ø Temporary foreign workers

Ø Any immediate family member of Canadian citizen like dependent children, spouses, parent or step-parent, common-law partners, guardian or tutor

Ø People who have been given PR approvals

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